Hello Everyone,
My name is Theresa Ferrante. And I have always admired the Dachshund breed. They're loyal, loving
and caring companions to anyone that's willing to open their hearts and make them a part of the
family. I have been around Dachshunds from the time I was in Jr. High all the way through my 4 years
of High school. My first Dachshund, was a Black and Tan female that was a birthday present. Given to
me by my mother, Debi Ferrante, and since then dachshunds have been and will forever be a part of
my family.

Remembering  the times my mother would ask me to help her when each litter was being born. How
we had camped out in the kitchen next to the whelping box all night and often all morning. Waiting
anxiously for each puppy to come into the world. She and I, have a lot of memories doing what we
love. And I'm so glad now more than anything that we have that in common. Since then, I have been
determined to someday start a hobby of my own.
I have waited for a year on picking out my first two females to start my program. I
wanted to make sure that female size was acceptable, pedigrees are available and
upon reaching a year old, they would have gone through all health testing.
Including Knee, Eyes and tested through Optimal Selection for genetics and PRA.
(Progressive Retinal Atrophy)

This breed for me has made me enjoy life more and more. Having a dachshund in
your life will do nothing but bring you entertainment and joy. For me it's a life long
journey, a goal to bring new companions to other families and for all of you to enjoy!

Love, RoseDox Dachshund Family
We are super excited to what the future holds!!
Theresa Ferrante
LaPine, Oregon